In The Wilderness With Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has been doing fine like any other developing African Country until 5th November, 1997, when the then British secretary of State Clare Short interfered with an existing agreement which was the main grounds for that country to gain independence from the British!
I quote from Clare Short’s letter to Zimbabwean Minister for Agriculture. “I should make it clear that we do not accept that British have a special responsibility to meet the costs of land purchase in Zimbabwe. We are a new government from diverse backgrounds without links to former colonial interests. My own origins are Irish, and as you know we were colonized, not colonizers” this letter to the Government of Zimbabwe is an insult and the cost of this long-lasting consequences.
In 1979, the British government proposed an agreement to the leadership of Zimbabwe, a condition that will make them an independent state. The agreement was that 1. Zimbabwe complies with the Constitution and hold general elections after every 5years. 2. White farmer be made to keep their lands and Britain will pay compensation to subsidize the economy. Read the rest of this entry »

MUGABE:Truth Is Incapable Of Being Soiled By Any Outward Touch As The Sunbeam

If we increase people’s salaries today, you see them doubling the prices of goods in shops as if to say we want to drain every last dollar they have. It is in such ways that we see some industrialists here pushing for regime change and we have to look out for them. So now we are going to make things hard for each other. There is not going to be any more playing, let those in industry, those in commerce, those elsewhere – producers and retailers – take note. The nonsense of escalating prices has got to come to an end immediately,”

We owe it to ourselves and to posterity to guard jealously our hard-won independence. The country is now ours, the land is now ours and the mineral and other natural resources are today ours. Zimbabwe, from that point of view, is not a poor country by any stretch of imagination and ours is now to work hard to turn around the country’s economic fortunes. Read the rest of this entry »

Market Of Accra

I want to share these photos of Accra to you, i visited the newly constructed hawkers Market and some other places of “interest”.

For those of you who have not visited Accra before, i hope you enjoy this

In The Court Of Public Opinion – Stephen Addei

I am amazed sometimes when I come across some news articles and particularly the quick responds they receive. Recently there has been news in Ghana that Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Prof. Stephen Adei awarded himself an academic honor of Professor!

The news also alleges that the Professor is corrupt and a dictator and therefore the cry of his dismissal.

Let us not forget that GIMPA is what it is now because of the strong leadership and management style of the white beard Professor. GIMPA is the most prestigious tertiary institution in Ghana and one of the highly acclaimed in Africa.

I believe the professor should be given the opportunity to clarify himself at least to his Professorship and continue with hi good work, and critics wants to know.

From the time of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, those who proclaim he is Lord ‘he is Lord’ were the same people who shout ‘ Crucify him’, ‘Crucify him.’ Read the rest of this entry »

New Tools Found For Wi-Fi Hacking

Wi-Fi hackers have gotten more advanced and your private information is even more at risk. The recent Black Hat conference in Las Vegas featured a demonstration by Errata Security that detailed how a hacker can use new tools to steal your encrypted cookies and passwords and then control your online sessions.

Errata has combated this new hack threat with their own tools, Hamster and Ferret, which prevent attacks. It appears that the good guys are following closely behind the bad guys but they’re still slightly behind and all Wi-Fi users need to be careful.

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WINNEBA: The one way town!

One Way!I have been in Winneba for the past 7 days, attending a wireless Network Seminar at the Winneba Open Digital Village (WODIV).

I have always joined a public taxi from our residence at the South Campus of the University of Education, Winneba which drives through the main Winneba Market, then some turns, get to the Central Campus of the University, atleast 2 mins drive; along the way we meet the North Campus, then to the Venue, located at a surbub called ‘Low Cost’ (pronouced popularly loocos). behind the Klimovich memorial Hospital.One morning, my friend, Henry and I were fortunate to have a lift by a co-participant; we had driven pass the Market when we heard boys shout from afar, “one way! one way!

I wondered, had the driver missed his way! then our co-participant exclaimed, ‘iv always missed the way, this town has too many one ways!. aparantly he wasn’t alone in this experience, today is the day 9 of our 10 day seminar and I have been offered a lift by another participant, as we were driving to the Seminar, he asked me to be checking for the road signs because he don’t want to repeat this mistake of using a wrong lane. Read the rest of this entry »

Sparta Vr. Troy – The Trojan Horse (Computing)


The Greek siege of Troy had lasted for ten years. The Greeks devised a new ruse: a giant hollow wooden horse which was filled with Greek warriors led by Odysseus. The rest of the Greek army appeared to leave, but actually hid behind Tenedos. Meanwhile, a Greek spy, Sinon, convinced the Trojans that the horse was a gift the Trojans accepted the gift.

In ancient times it was customary for a defeated general to surrender his horse to the victorious general in a sign of respect. It should be noted here that the horse was the sacred animal of Poseidon.

The Trojans hugely celebrated the end of the siege, so that, when the Greeks emerged from the horse, the city was in a drunken stupor. The Greek warriors opened the city gates to allow the rest of the army to enter, and the city was pillaged ruthlessly, all the men were killed, and all the women and children were taken into slavery.

this is the history which surrounds the Trojan virus of today!

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