Sparta Vr. Troy – The Trojan Horse (Computing)


The Greek siege of Troy had lasted for ten years. The Greeks devised a new ruse: a giant hollow wooden horse which was filled with Greek warriors led by Odysseus. The rest of the Greek army appeared to leave, but actually hid behind Tenedos. Meanwhile, a Greek spy, Sinon, convinced the Trojans that the horse was a gift the Trojans accepted the gift.

In ancient times it was customary for a defeated general to surrender his horse to the victorious general in a sign of respect. It should be noted here that the horse was the sacred animal of Poseidon.

The Trojans hugely celebrated the end of the siege, so that, when the Greeks emerged from the horse, the city was in a drunken stupor. The Greek warriors opened the city gates to allow the rest of the army to enter, and the city was pillaged ruthlessly, all the men were killed, and all the women and children were taken into slavery.

this is the history which surrounds the Trojan virus of today!

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the secret in making password fun!

Last time i made a comment on General Angrines post, ‘PASSWORD SUCK‘. It really sucks for Network Administrators and users who are into serious security business.

I want to share with you how I make my password very strong with at least 20 words with lots of fun when changing over which may be mandatory in some environment

You may be required to meet the password strength  of 6 characters, and in most cases, they are to expire in a couple of months, subjected to a mandatory renewal. Now this process becomes very frustrating and I have come across passwords written and placed under keyboard.

I have adopted a phrase mode which i can decide to change over,where I dont need to change over the password entirely, but a word in the phrase. this can be done with the combination of three or more strong words

Check this out. i have a password idiocracymeltsmetabolism (idiocracy melts metabolism). this is cool, i can change the middle word melts to be diffuses then i have mediocracydiffusesmetabolism. since i have this phrase it’s fun cos i really know what im doing.

better still i can you my local language for a passphrase, which gives me more words obaatheresayeobaapa obaa theresa ye obaa pa (Lady theresa is a good lady).

This is fun, i can change the word theresa to a more more local name memunatu. i think this this is a very strong idea for high technos like me. really passowords should not suck when when it’s your job, people ask me how i keep such long passwords in mind and i say i have a secret

Using this trck you can capitalise any of the words, and when you are able to add the current year to the ending, you meet the password security policy without hutsle mediocracyDIFFUSESmetabolism2007.

meet me at the ol’ skuul re-union

Come saturday the 11th, Accra will go wild. come that day by God’s grace all roads leading to the La trade fair area will be chocked and abused as usual.

some of my friends are washing their ol’ school uniforms they wore several years ago and you can imargine how it will look on them when they’ve grown beard and pot belly! i tell you. some are also geting some whistles, bands and sorts of stuffs for merry making in a grand style carnival.

it’s the joy fm ol’ school re-union. i will be there, meet me there okay! it will be hot. everybody who is not able to make it must have his or her own reasons denying such free entertainment experience.

the joy fm is the biggest outdoor carnival to be organized yearly in Ghana since 2003.

on your way coming just call me 024 4476466

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