WINNEBA: The one way town!

One Way!I have been in Winneba for the past 7 days, attending a wireless Network Seminar at the Winneba Open Digital Village (WODIV).

I have always joined a public taxi from our residence at the South Campus of the University of Education, Winneba which drives through the main Winneba Market, then some turns, get to the Central Campus of the University, atleast 2 mins drive; along the way we meet the North Campus, then to the Venue, located at a surbub called ‘Low Cost’ (pronouced popularly loocos). behind the Klimovich memorial Hospital.One morning, my friend, Henry and I were fortunate to have a lift by a co-participant; we had driven pass the Market when we heard boys shout from afar, “one way! one way!

I wondered, had the driver missed his way! then our co-participant exclaimed, ‘iv always missed the way, this town has too many one ways!. aparantly he wasn’t alone in this experience, today is the day 9 of our 10 day seminar and I have been offered a lift by another participant, as we were driving to the Seminar, he asked me to be checking for the road signs because he don’t want to repeat this mistake of using a wrong lane.

I must confess, I am not a driver and the only road signs I know are the zebra crossing and some few others; we had gone pass the Central Campus and we saw a taxi coming in our direction! Not again, we had to make a quick turn and go make u-turns and diversions to meet the road again.

Whoa! what an experience in Winneba, a very quiet town in the Central region of Ghana, we had a very good time in Winneba so I am posting this blog to advice tourists and Motorists who are not farmiliar with the township to be cautious entering Winneba and also to acknowledge the people of Winneba for giving the participants, coming from all over the Regions of Ghana and Nigeria a warm reception.

I had the best of times, I must say, Henry could be browsing the Internet on his Nokia phone, which he’s addicted to around 11pm to the south. I will say Winneba is a town you must also visit if you have never been there!

However when you are going there you must practice how to take a one way road and and take a curve into another one way.

Out of all these experiences the workshop was very good. We are now armed with ideas skills and knowledge of how to set up and deploy a WLAN. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsorers, and WODIV staff, who have made it possible for us to aquire these skills and knowledge.

2 Responses to “WINNEBA: The one way town!”

  1. eyedol Says:

    Great post. I really enjoyed reading.

    So if you’ve never been to Winneba before and planning to go there, becareful especially when you’re driving as rightly said by dniinoi, the roads are full of one ways and watch out for the roadsigns otherwise you will be turning and reversing all the time. Plus Winneba really seems to be a safe town. Its a cool place to spend a weekend.

  2. chucky Says:

    David yeah too many 1 way John and I had our fair share of the one way experience also .When we go out am always one lookin out for the road signs while John is busy doing the driving.Winneba is a place you have to visit is a blend of nature and fun.I bet we all had fun but u missed the last night chill at THE STAGE the hottest entertainment spot in Winneba.It was crazy mehn we had the place rocking till about 1:00am

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