In The Court Of Public Opinion – Stephen Addei

I am amazed sometimes when I come across some news articles and particularly the quick responds they receive. Recently there has been news in Ghana that Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Prof. Stephen Adei awarded himself an academic honor of Professor!

The news also alleges that the Professor is corrupt and a dictator and therefore the cry of his dismissal.

Let us not forget that GIMPA is what it is now because of the strong leadership and management style of the white beard Professor. GIMPA is the most prestigious tertiary institution in Ghana and one of the highly acclaimed in Africa.

I believe the professor should be given the opportunity to clarify himself at least to his Professorship and continue with hi good work, and critics wants to know.

From the time of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, those who proclaim he is Lord ‘he is Lord’ were the same people who shout ‘ Crucify him’, ‘Crucify him.’

The same Ghanaians who trooped to cheer at Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, first Black President and the first president of the land, were the same people who cheered on the streets, mounted placards, broke his statues and vandalized his home and state assets when he was overthrown.

Let us not be by each other and support and wealthy course. It doesn’t matter whether Mr. Adei is a professor, what matters is his effort to serve, and his effort to build capacity of many our top executives for good development.

Please Mr. Blackman don’t crucify the man, some people may not like his style of leadership, I agree, some may call him names, yes it’s true but you should also know that lazy people and opportunists are always defaming selfless citizens.

10 Responses to “In The Court Of Public Opinion – Stephen Addei”

  1. Kofi Charles Says:

    Dear Reader,

    I think the media is right to have exposed Dr Stephen Adei. I have had a personal encounter with him. He did not leave up to the expectation instead he bragged about himself and showed arrogance of high state.

    Professor is a term that arose from latin ‘to profess’. People who were awarded professorship earned it over years of research, teaching and community service. The emphasis on today dynamic academia spans in research and teaching. I cannot compare Prof Sir Achempong of K’Bu with Adei..NEVER. Prof Frimpong Boateng cannot be compared with him either. Adei does not match their standards. Prof Kwesi Andam or Prof Asenso Okyere or Prof Tagoe does Adei even match. The point is this…he should show the evidence that he went through the steps of the ladder to that level and of course show the letter issued to him by council effecting the promotion as well as the date with retrospect. Others above mentioned with all due respect did pass through the ladder to attain that stage. They went through the Apponitment and Promotion committee of the institution and their papers were duely accessed.

    For Adei, until he prooves the above, he is not a professor and does not in any way merit it in the midst of his seven degrees he boasts about. If he is found guilty, he should be removed from the headship because he does not merit it thereof.

  2. david Ni-noi Says:

    yeah Mr. Charles, you have a point there, the fact is these are rumours.
    At the time writing this post, it was rumoured that the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology never recognised the Prof as he’s dued, and they never invited him in any of their academic programmes.
    What prevented them from blowing the whistle with the facts as they claim they have? The prof, i do not know him, but we all know his works for the nation. Let the facts be brought to light, thats what i am advocatng.

  3. An African Says:

    The story is in the news again today, January 24, 2008. From all indications, Dr. Adei has wrongly made himself a Professor. There is no assessment of his academic papers and other inputs. I wonder what type of academics make up GIMPA itself if this man can coward all of these to evil silence for over five years. This is big fraud. He has made the so called success in GIMPA over the years not because he is an academic but because he is a POLITICIAN.

  4. sydney Says:

    I dont care whether the man is a professor or a doctor or a common man, but hats off for his book,”12 KEYS TO FINANCIAL SUCCES’. I guess he has a heart for the common man and his independence. what i feel is that the black men around are just practicing,’ The Crab Mentality’.

  5. Kofi Charles Says:

    I do appreciate the varied comments which have been made regards this issue as well as my comments in retrospect. The personal encounter I had with him was indeed traumatic. He remains guilty any where he sets his eyes on me. This reveals his nature and behavior which he has used on GIMPA staff in the past. Least surprised would I be if others may have had similar experiences.

    I believe that standards for academia should be upheld at all places as well as institutions. GIMPA is an institution which should leave up to its repute. Dr Adei is wrong in every respect. He should be withdrawn from GIMPA and he should face all punitive measures which the law prescribes for claiming what he is not to himself without any merit.

    As I pointed out, there is no comparison with him with Prof Tagoe or Prof Frimpng-Boateng or late Prof Kwesi Andam. They all passed through the scrutiny and rigors of the academic ladder. They were appraised by scientific scholars of international repute and reports were sent in confidence to their universities regards their contributions in their specialty. It was based on this that the university council approved their promotions and wrote them. Did Dr Adei go through this in GIMPA? How can an individual crown himself a professor? It is academic theft…equal to plagiarism.
    I still insist that he is purnished according to the law. I insist that the president withdraws the Order of the Volta which was bestowed on him. He does not merit it. He is wrong and the law should bring him to book. This would be a lesson for posterity.

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  7. wiiliam addo Says:

    my fellow ghanaians, i hope we have all come to realize the truth now. the court (almost a year after this has all started) has proved the good professor innocent. the fact that he did not decide to talk about it to the media was a chice that he was entitled to have, and i think that it was a good one. if you would like to know his professorship was duely awarded, the fact that it was not given to him by his own institute means absolutely nothing.

    let me ask you, if you were made a doctor in one hospital, it means that if you go to another one you cease to become a doctor? no that is wrong.

    this whole case was instigated by egbert fabille who himself has very little to credit his own name. but for the fact that he is the editor in chief of a small newspaper he has been able to slander the name of Professor stephen adei. he has gooten what he deserved and is lucky to have escaped with the little costs that were awarded against him.

  8. Kofi Says:


    It was given to him just to bade him farewell after serving in GIMPA. He did not follow the right channel. Is it after he went to Zimbabwe to get a letter from the so called APMA or so. See, he is not a professor and he does not merit it. It was never approved by council and the legal institution as I know it was manipulated to his favour. This was part of making the end of NPP tenure a fruitful one.
    Prof Adei was never made a professor by GIMPA. He simply over one day, changed his title to Prof. See, the truth is bitter but let us face it. He is simply a pompous and self-pride driven person. That is the truth. Now he is carrying himself about as professor, ask him the letter head of his appointment as professor, to know whether he was made professor by GIMPA or his professorship was ever accredited by GIMPA? It was never. So, let people stop deceiving themselves.

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  10. Maxx79 Says:

    This makes them look either unprofessional, fly-by-night, or both. ,

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