Yahoo was enough for me! The ‘others’….

I am sick and tired of all these websites, social networks blog, vblogs chuchu chacha’s and the rest of them popping up in recent times.

When i was introduced to the Internet about 8years ago, I was hooked up to the most popular site Yahoo mail which still ranks the number 1 website till date. It was an ultimate mail service at that time for me and many subscribers. I had my yahoo chat which I frequently use, and other additional services which were of great benefit to me, yahoo photos and briefcase. What was sweet was the fact that, I could only log on to and access all I need on the internet with my user account.

As if that was not enough, my quest for more free services got me hooked to other mail services such as excite mail, killamail and Hotmail which i know have expired now! ‘I don’t need them anyway’, because all I received were junks and spams from don’t know who’s. I love the internet and the more i got involved with lots of online freebies, I’m like, ‘yeah that’s cool’. I keep following threads from inbox to sign up to lots of websites for certain bla bla and these and the gunks were in my inbox more than legitimate mail i received and I got to know they could make my Computer vulnerable to spies who create log files and send them to the programmer, then i started deleting all mails which did not know the sender without reading them.

I was not a fun of junks and playing games online, I do what I got to do online, and leave, yeah! I check my yahoo mail, compose a message two, get to yahoo chat or msn messanger, when it’s boring I leave. When i don’t have any programmes to download or any research to make I’m done with the Internet.

I began to use other yahoo services such as yahoo briefcase which has about 30 mb of some of my documents and yahoo photos with unlimited disk space, now Yahoo Inc bought flickr and I have an option to migrate my over 140 pictures to flickr. Flickr was better than yahoo photo by far and I enjoyed the service. The idea of me being able to log into my flickr account with my yahoo account details was the sweetest.

You see I use msn messanger, by Microsoft Corporation. This company owns hotmail, msn, and msn chat, I have a hotmail account which I forgot the password and I went ahead to create an account for msn messanger, not mail because I preferred yahoo mail, it’s amassing, I’m not able to log onto hotmail or any of Microsoft’s e-mail account except for my messenger. I have made several reports to them by e-mail in the past and now it’s an error i’m having to accept.

As if that was not enough I keep receiving friend requests to join various freebies and networks which I declined anyway because I was just okay with what I had, Until recently I joined wordpress, I became an overnight addict. I’m now a blogger and it took most of my productive time at workplace reading intersting posts and adding comments. I had wondered why I did not see the need to join some three years ago when it was introduced to me! I thought I had missed alot fun.

WordPress became my new freak, then I wanted to add some slide effect to some article I work on, flickr could not do slide and I was introduced to picasa by google, it was so cool I had my slides there, infact picasa was better than flickr, ‘thats what I think’, so i loaded all my photos and joined picasa web album, made some comments, etc. the usual things.

When I added my slides to my article on wordpress, it did not take effect! whops! I was eager to get add my slide on my post so I tried, and that was real cool! was the real thing, it was compatible with almost everything, i made my slide and embedded on wordpress perfectly. I was so happy I didn’t know what to do with picasa and flickr anymore! I don’t really need their lousy service. Yeah I have had enough with lots of websites.

The good thing in recent time’s the fact that I was introduced to open source and I embraced mozilla firefox because of the tabbed browsing and I don’t have to open so many browsers as i used to do, I hate to use version 5 of microsoft internet explorer, the number 1 sucker.

Now I can browse so many in one firefox window, I’m a fun of facebook, infact facebook occupies my productive man hours than any other website. I recently came across a facebook buddy with 58 groups! ‘what! what the hell do you do in 58 groups’ These sites only waste productivity in my view, people eat flickr, eat skype, eat yahoo messenger and while at it, they’re still hungry for blog.

Spammers take the advantage and recently firefox is having problems with hacker, its not safe to keep passwords in cookies, gmail is under threat, these were more secured.

So what’s all these complains ?

Now I am fed up with all of these things, when I had yahoo alone I could use one account to acess all available services, now I create accounts for so many things almost like a daily routine, I have corporate mail accounts I do not even check them for mails. The fact that I have to always create user accounts here and there and do almost the same thing in other places sucks the more!

I guess you have some suggestions?

There should be a regulator, an open standard for these sites, the web promises to be a big waste of time in the new future, for the fact that 20 most popular websites are social networks! CNN, BBC, Reuters, HP and other resourceful websites do not take prominence these days in our browser history.

Some of these social networks should be able to merge, they do the same thing with no value, some are not clean with lots of pop ups, spies stealing our information. There should be a regulator in these multi-million business if there is, we need to know so that we report complains. Too many sucker online, I’m done

5 Responses to “Yahoo was enough for me! The ‘others’….”

  1. Edward Addo-Dankwa Says:

    Hmmmm I have also been thinking about this creation of accounts. I agree we need to do something about it. I spend about half of my time online entering username and passwords. It’s becoming a real bother now, especially if you are using all these Web 2.0 tools.

  2. Stephen Says:

    All that i can say to your write up is em………well. You know, the issue is very critical and we can continuously complain till death do us par but our quest, our quest for free things would further urge us.

    Cheers from Dagbon!

  3. thadu Says:

    well david, if yahoo was enough u wud surely not have ur blog on wordpress! cause yahoo has its own blog service at

    i guess it is our desire to experiment and find out what is best as far as our capability allow!

  4. Au Pair Says:

    very nice web site. My English is not so good, so I do not understandt it well, but it seems very good. Thanks

  5. Says:

    I am just pleased you loved them too. Dolphins, good luck your web site!

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