The Myth Behind Virus Attack And Hardware!

There have been talks and debates as to the extent to which a malicious code or virus can affect the computer hardware.

VirusThe debate is that, some powerful viruses when executed can crash the hardware (Hard disk, BIOS Chip, Memory etc) of the host machine and can never be repaired.

I am aware of the fact that many people have had cause to believe that viruses really destroy hardware especially the hard drive or the BIOS chip!

I disagree entirely in principle to this notion and I intend to raise the arguments for, and against this technically inclined issue so that you can judge for yourself.

As I seek to dissect this myth, I know we can all learn something new from this very important issue [I hope this article would not be too technical, I would not be making myself clear by not invoking some basic jargon]

The Virus effect

When your computer is infected with a virus and your data is corrupted, is the hardware at risk? (I will not explain the types of Viruses and their effects here since they can be ‘goggled’)

Computer virus is a term applied to any program that is designed to damage data stored on a computer system or network. The virus may infect documents, applications or worst of all system files that are essential to the correct running of the computer system. Read the rest of this entry »

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