Speed Up Windows Boot Process

Your Windows box might be running slow for many reasons. Viruses, malwares and other user activities may affect the slowness of your computer

Your computer may be slow because you have inadequate RAM; perhaps your computer’s processor is not fast enough. All things being equal, your computer should not take too long to start-up.

I have done a lot of things in the past to boost the performance of my computer, it works out well, performance is improved but then you realize that, it takes a very long time for windows to start after all you have done.

When you experience this frustration, then this can really work for you. You can also try this out to satisfy your curiosity as well.

The Prefetch Directory

There is a windows directory by name prefetch. This directory stores files that are used to start Windows and other applications. Windows read into the prefetch to cache data that is expected to be requested. As programmes are installed and deleted, some data in prefetch directory become redundant. Some data in the prefetch directory may as well be useless and as data keep piled up, windows keep reading them into cache in the anticipation that they will be used. When it windows keep caching the prefetch directory, it takes longer time for the windows to load, the boot process becomes so slow

When the prefetch directory is empty, you will experience a faster Windows start-up, windows will boot faster with ease. You need to have an administrative privilege to empty the directory.

Method 1

Click on run from the start command and type prefetch. Now the prefetch window displays, delete the entire content of the folder.


Method 2

If you are very comfortable in working in the registry, you can also edit the registry keys.

Within the registry, you can set prefetch to function in several different ways. Prefetch can cache applications, boot up files, both, or you can disable it completely.

Click start, then click run

Type regedit

In the registry editor console, follow these steps

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters\EnablePrefetcher

To improve boot speed, set the following value in the registry to a value of 2.

Now, restart the computer and see access the boot performance

3 Responses to “Speed Up Windows Boot Process”

  1. Gary Says:

    I feel you bruv!

    Are you in GH?

    I really feel we shd all get serious aba blogging.

    It IS the way to go.

    Check me out and see if u like my ghetto as well.

    All the best.

    • dniinoi Says:

      hello Gary
      Im in Gh for real, blogging is a powerful tool of knowledge sharing and we need to take it very seriously. I feel your passion for soccer and I am happy my team won the league. Nice blog u have….good focus. thanks

  2. Sheryl McClellan Says:

    I found your website when I was looking for something not related at all, but this post showed up at the top of Bing your site must be pretty popular! Keep up the awesome job!

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