10 Basics of the IT Professional

Knowing just how to assign Internet protocol (IP) addresses to computers, detect wireless networks, format hard drives, or install printers to a network isn’t really serious IT business. Fact is, it will be bizarre if you are unable to accomplish them, you may not be an IT Pro after all.

I have identified certain areas that are rarely mentioned but may bring your career down if you are unable to them get done. Arguably, you were not taught in your school, but these are tasks that you need to know to save the situation and your profession.

1. Map Network Drive

This is one of the easiest tasks with one of the biggest benefits (at least in the eyes of the end-user). Mapping drives makes finding data on remote locations such as the server or a PC on the network so much easier for the user. And successfully mapping drives means you won’t be called out again because the user can’t seem to locate the data on the server any longer. The drive(s) when mapped successfully will be displayed in your computer.

2. MSCONFIG (Microsoft Systems Configuration Tool)

MSCONFIG is one powerful tool in the windows environment. It’s a simple interface, which can change the behaviour of the computer. It has options that control the computer systems. i will discuss two options we will find in MSCONFIG.

i. Start-Up

Some software when installed on your computer, are enabled to run on start-up; meaning that, whenever the computer boots up, they will be launched in the start-up tray, ready before you call, and if you know the number of software that behave this way, then you can tell why your computer takes a very long time to boot. Now, this is one thing you have the option to change in MSCONFIG

ii. Boot Management

If you want to change the boot sequence, which drive boots first, i.e the CD Drive, USB Drive then the Hard drive, that can be changed in set-up. But probably your hard disk is partitioned with two operating systems, normally, during booting; it takes about 30 seconds displaying both options for you to choose. That’s one of the things you can change here, the waiting time, even deleting the other Operating systems if you don’t need it


This comes up very frequently. Even the accountant can ask you why you can’t do something so that the computers in his officer can all print to one printer.that’s  Sharing resources

How can that be done? Create a workgroup!


Domain is the advanced level of workgroup. With the domain, not only can you see other computers that reside on the network, login credentials are contained on a single machine so users can log in from any machine on the domain. The process of joining a domain is similar to that of joining a workgroup. The only difference is there should be a domain controller on the network.


Installing anti-virus is not a yo-man’s job, most of them are very complicated uninstalling them, considering the fact that they have quarantine folders separated, certain processes may be running in the background which may have to be stopped. Live update as well may be uninstalled separately.


There are some people who, when faced with replacing a CPU, will toss up their hands and tell their boss they have to purchase a new machine. These days, even purchasing a hard disk comes with some trouble, gone were the days when we only had the IDE to use, now there’s the SATA and it comes in several speed from 1.5Gb/s to 6 Gb/s. Faster USB 3.0’s are now replacing the 2.0’s and so on…..


Have you ever sat in your office to administer a problem on a client’s computer remotely? Try it. Right click My Computer and click Properties, on the Remote Assistance option, check “Allow Remote Assistance Connection to this Computer” (this must be done on the client computer). Remote connections are the reason some servers don’t come with monitors. What are you going to do in the server room when you can actually have access to it from you local computer?


i. These days, back-ups are part of the daily routine of the IT Professional. Creating an effective back-up schedule of files and retrieving them when needed.

ii. One other thing is that you may one day have to restore your computer to an earlier point to over-come some persistent software misshapen. Creating a restore point in system restore is the remedy


you may think is defunct, but you can prove a point with some old computer with bad drive sectors on the hard disk. Mind you it’s still an effective windows command and I still run it.


I usually come across this situation on Computers where the users have a bad attitude on the internet clicking every pop-up and adverts just because they are free! They end up infecting spams and spywares to the workstation which slows down the systems and disable certain vital commands that can be used to eliminate them. The task manager is a victim to such attacks and when you right-click the task bar to open task manager, the system tells you, Task Manager has been disabled by your Administrator….. When you don’t have recommended pop-up blockers like firefox in-built blocker or Browser Helper Objects (BHO) options in your anti-virus suite, be very careful of the websites you visit

If you encounter similar problem, try fixing it with this manual step

  1. Click on Start, Run, and type Notepad and press Enter
  2. Copy and paste the information between the dotted lines into Notepad and save it to your desktop as taskmanager.reg



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