10 Basics Every PC User Must Do Themselves

I come across many professionals who own a computer and they can’t find their way around doing stuffs. They will only use one particular application and any other thing! Call some IT guy.

Their approach to the computer is more of cynicism, naïve or just fear of doing something wrong.

I wouldn’t do that!  What these people don’t know is that the operating system running the computer is a graphical user interface, bundled with a wizard.  Over the years, a lot of programming has gone to the designing of the over-all development of these systems, trying to address user concerns and make them more and approachable and user-friendly.

If you want to learn something new, follow me!

1.     PRINT DOCUMENT TO PDF (Portable Digital Format)

I don’t remember the last time I sent an application letter, a proposal or something very important to a friend or a corporate institute by mail in word format!

I used to read articles, white papers and policy documents on-line most at times and I asked myself, how do I also get my papers look like this? The documents look very professional, printers can’t change the font face, and moreover, I was unable to edit them when I downloaded them. These documents are digitally protected from modification, and that’s PDF do. Ordinary documents can always be modified, but when you convert to PDF, it becomes almost impossible for the recipient to do edit them.                                                                                            


This should make you productive, especially if you have a career in training. PowerPoint presentations make your session very lively and attractive when they are well formatted. The come in slide show, and and it’s often said, that when there is no slide, there is no show. 


Once again, the Operating System (Windows 200, XP, Vista, 7, MacOS etc) none was designed for any particular professional! Everybody who can read and write can use it effectively.

Installing any software comes with a wizard, you only need to follow instructions, and you realise that, all you really need to do is to click ivacy policy and that’s that. Just click. The software knows where to be installed, it’s a wizard. Try it, it’s a nice experience. By default, the software knows where to be installed by your permission.


Formatting pen-drive isn’t like formatting the hard disk. Right click on the desired drive located at My Computer and click Format… it’s that easy!

When your Pen drive is infected with some virus and it becomes very unsafe to use the most ideal thing is to format it and have available space prepared.

When you format a disk, you create a blank space prepared for use.           

5.     GOOGLE

One thing that is part of me is GOOGLE. Google is part of me, it has made me who I am today, so much of what I know, I credit Google. You can’t keep all websites in your files. All you need are some keywords and Google will do the rest. Searching with Google is something you should always do.


Nowadays everybody’s on facebook. The other day somebody gave a voter’s ID to scan for him, well I didn’t’ ask any question I did the scanning for him alright then later he got furious! “How can you scan the whole ID Card, I only needed the picture for facebook” everybody can create a facebook account but the task is to learn how to create albums and upload pictures yourself. It’s very easy. 


A lot of IT guys in this part of the world are not bloggin. Blogging is not a tool for IT but IT guys are using it to share knowledge and get resources. Blogging is one thing every professional should do, students as well. Share knowledge, share ideas.

I keep saying that, it’s so weird that you browse on the Internet for years, and nobody can actually type your name in any search engine and see something about you! Blog can make it possible and its free…….


Okay! Burning a CD, you need to be somehow exploratory, like getting the right software installed. Then that’s all you need. The other aspect of it is the wizard, where you read and click on.

It’s not difficult after all……


This is one security lapse, most people are faced with. Nowadays, peoples sensitive documents and files are either being deleted mistakenly or being leaked mischievously.

Arranging you folders and folders is just as doing same in you office desktop. You place vital files in specific folders where you are sure they are safe. The computer as folders already prepared which you can make use of in ‘My document’, the user is not limited at all, and several more folders can be created to save or drag your files and folders in them. Why keep everything on the desktop?

10.                       SCAN MY COMPUTER FOR VIRUSES

Use a trusted anti-virus, and learn how to scan the pen drive when you plug-in (don’t say insert).

Update is essential to any antivirus, and be reminded that any trusted anti-virus without a current definition /signature update is not protecting any current threat.

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