Shidaa Nii-Noi



Shidaa begun his career as a civil servant with the Information Services Department of the Ministry of Information, Accra Ghana. He moved onto work with the Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling as an IT Application Support Lead.

With over a decade in the field of Information Systems and specialized in data analysis and Business Intelligence Reporting, he holds a Computer Science Degree from Data Link University College.

Shidaa is a gifted trainer and has trained several institutions in various aspects of Information Technology efficiency tools.




3 Responses to “Shidaa Nii-Noi”

  1. Esi Says:

    I found you through afrigator. Still finding my way around here and wanted to send a shout.

  2. kinkelson Says:

    nice blog dog, keep technology active in Accra.
    Also check
    A similar technology blog in Ghana. Peace.

    • dniinoi Says:

      nice bro! iv been inactive for a while, i will get some posts completed to blow ur mind guys………….thanks man! ilve

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