In The Wilderness With Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has been doing fine like any other developing African Country until 5th November, 1997, when the then British secretary of State Clare Short interfered with an existing agreement which was the main grounds for that country to gain independence from the British!
I quote from Clare Short’s letter to Zimbabwean Minister for Agriculture. “I should make it clear that we do not accept that British have a special responsibility to meet the costs of land purchase in Zimbabwe. We are a new government from diverse backgrounds without links to former colonial interests. My own origins are Irish, and as you know we were colonized, not colonizers” this letter to the Government of Zimbabwe is an insult and the cost of this long-lasting consequences.
In 1979, the British government proposed an agreement to the leadership of Zimbabwe, a condition that will make them an independent state. The agreement was that 1. Zimbabwe complies with the Constitution and hold general elections after every 5years. 2. White farmer be made to keep their lands and Britain will pay compensation to subsidize the economy.

This agreement was complied with, the people of Zimbabwe have held elections, and British governments paid compensations dully from 1979, when in 1998, the British government under Tony Blair’s leadership decided to change priorities and withdrew the compensations for Zimbabwe in reference to the letter from Clare Short in 1997.

Now we need to understand that, Zimbabwe has survived from the Constitutional agreements it signed with Britain, and the compensations from Britain annually for development purposes. The Zimbabwean economy is an agro based and it depends on Agriculture to develop. When there is a situation where the land for the countrymen is being taken by (British) White farmers, then the countrymen needs to taken care of. It is in light of this, that when the agreement was breached, Zimbabwe said, well! We are not bound by any contract anymore, lets take our land and give to our own people who can farm and feed the nation, let the white farmers deal directly with Britain.

This is the story of Zimbabwe, the white farmers and Britain thought the land would be bought from them and sold to the blacks, but Mugabe said No!, we would give it to them free. This is why Britain is angry and says Mugabe is breaching the tenants of democracy, human rights and violence.

They then embark on a crusade to destabilized the government, they fund the opposition MDC to rally against the government, make tings difficult to them, give the government a bad image for the world to believe just as the United States did to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

The United States would have nothing to do this if Britain were not their friend, they got involved and George Bush is openly declared the US government involvement in sponsoring regime change activities in Zimbabwe, and they base their stands on Human rights and violence.

BBC, CNN and he international media have been polluted, they have been made to defame the government of Zimbabwe and we believed them because they have our ears, I was pressing for regime change in the Zimbabwe elections, for Mugabe to go until now that I got the real story.

All these human rights and violence because the white farmers went abroad wearing rags and asking for tax exemptions as if things were hard for them, they wanted to exploit the Black minority and make money.

Let Africa wake up, let us search for the truth, the Zimbabwe economy is bad, inflation is 4,500%, the government did some bad things, but the real story as to what caused all these messes should be known.

There is no country with such bad treatment in recorded history as Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe have not had a balance of payment since 1998, they have had economic sanctions from development partmers, the Breton-Wood, IMF, World Bank, European Union and America. They have survived for 9 years, no support, no foreign exchange, no love.

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